Voicer CR – Call Recorder

The Voicer Call Recorder (CR) is the ultimate in professional voice recording. It is for every type of enterprise, institute or organization require a facility to record, store and monitor telephone conversations.

Our scaleable solution is used by both SMEs and larger organisations since there is no limit to the number of handsets that can have their calls recorded. Calls are stored in a WAV format and can be emailed rapidly. They can be replayed from a PC or IP handset.

Voicer CR is a modular, flexible voice recorder, live monitoring and archiving system. Besides being fully prepared for all your current and future needs, it also offers you a superior voice recording quality and very large recording capacity. It is the most cost effective voice recording solution available on the market today.

You will have several choice of system configurations, ranging from just a low-cost 4-line system up to the recording and monitoring facility of 69 lines per industrial Rack Mount Voicer CR system. There is no limit to the number of Voicer CR systems and telephone lines which can be used per site, since they can all be incorporated together and accessed through your central LAN.

User Friendly Interfaces

Voicer Call Recorder – Message / Call Search

System users, supervisor, and administrators will enjoy the user-friendly interfaces, operation and configuration of Voicer CR. LAN or WAN based searching, Playback, Monitoring facilities are made available to all authorized personnel.

You will instantly find what you are looking for:
– Quality and Service assurance
– Verbal Transaction Recording
– Employee Training and Efficiency improvements
– Follow-up information
– Order confirmations
– Call/Contact Centre Recording and Monitoring
– Legal, Financial and Stock Compliance


  • Analog, PRI, T1, E1, ISDN or VoIP.
  • 15,000 hours of (standard, easily expandable) recording capacity.
  • Superior Voice Quality.
  • Web-based Operation & Management.
  • Password-protected interfaces.
  • Advanced search options.
  • Automatic tagging of time, date, duration, inbound / outbound phone numbers.
  • Live Monitoring.
  • Multi-language support.

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