Embedded Systems

Taking an idea from concept to production requires making numerous key decisions in methodology, architecture, technology choice, management and manufacturing.We specialize in embedded systems, concept to deployment, utilizing state of the art technology to create solution. This expertise includes developing the embedded hardware and software and any PC tools or Server solutions as required.

We have successfully taken many projects through this lifecycle and are in a position to assess products and the available options, to ensure that we deliver an applicable and successful project.

Services offered in Embedded Systems

  • Full lifecycle software development.
  • Capturing Stakeholder, System and Design Requirements for complete systems.
  • Producing Architectural and Implementation Designs.
  • Developing test plans at unit and system level.
  • Implementation of software systems to a production quality.
  • Full traceability, from requirements through to design, code and testing.
  • Providing full documentation for all stages of a project and full visibility.
  • Providing full lifecycle support or assistance with any phase of development.
  • Rapid Prototyping for technical demonstrations or proof of concepts.

Industry Experience

  • Wireless and Cellular Networks.
  • Power System Automation.
  • Telematics, GPS, geolocation.
  • Telecommunication.
  • Office Automation.

Microcontrollers Boards used in deployments

  • Arduino.
  • PIC-based.
  • Raspberry PI.
Microcontrollers are small and economical computers developed with an intention of employing it in some precise tasks like- displaying temperature details of a heater, or receiving or sending data with help of remote control.

Selecting proper microcontroller for a given application is one of the most critical decisions, which controls the success or failure of the task.

If you would like to design innovative applications with microcontrollers, or, require technical assistance, please contact us.