Voicer IVR – Interactive Voice Response System


DB Streams lets you build, manage and deploy a complete IVR solution while at the same time saving valuable dollars, resources and time associated with traditional applications. We combine the power of the telephone, your data and the web to generate information-driven communications and transactions, improving business efficiency and enhancing caller satisfaction.With Voicer IVR, you can:

  • Reduce hardware, software, and maintenance costs associated with traditional IVR applications
  • Quickly and easily manage and operate a complete IVR solution, at the click of a mouse
  • Update or enhance your application on the fly, in real-time to respond to changing business or customer needs
  • Easily integrate with your backend databases and web applications to provide data to your callers, or capture data to be reported back to you

Our IVR solutions can be matched to any business type: small or large, new or established, B2B or B2C calling, any industry, and any location.