With the extent of our expertise in data and voice processing, we have been delivering sophisticated and reliable solutions for your unique needs in automated data and communication management.

We can certainly customize our products and services to meet your unique needs.

Most of our products are produced by our own engineers as much as possible. Almost all assignments are prepared by thorough strategical developments.When particular expertise is required for certain tasks or projects, we consult our network of suppliers and select the one most suitable, reliable, cost-effective, and proven to offer the particular solution at best.

Our range of products includes – but is not limited – to the followings:

   Voicer Call Recorder (CR) 

Call Recording for your business. A high-quality and high volume recording solution suitable for small to large size businesses. It captures telephone conversations instantly and silently, with proven quality. Conversations can be organized and searched with any criteria, such as extension, timedate, employee, etc.     » »   Learn more.. .

   Voicer Call Accounting (CA) 

Increase productivity, gather usage data to help make informed decisions on telecom planning.     » »   Learn more.. .

   Voicer CRM 

Voicer CRM centralizes all information you have on each client and streamlines their experience in dealing with your organisation.     » »   Learn more.. .

   Voicer IPR 

A complete prescription refill system for healthcare industry.     » »   Learn more.. .


Support ticket callback and feedback survey system.     » »   Learn more.. .

   Voicer Text Messenger 

A complete text messaging solution.     » »   Learn more.. .

   Voicer™ Central 

Telephony Platform

Voicer Platform is a complete solution for all your telephony needs. It comes with API, CGI and all leading-edge applications.     » »   Learn more.. 

   Predictive Dialer 

Automated dialing system that foresees your next call.

Connects calls answered by people to waiting agents, freeing them from dialing telephone numbers, listening to ringing tones, unanswered or unsuccessful calls. Busy, disconnected, unanswered calls, fax and answering machine responses are discarded.     » »   Learn more.. 

   Voicer Messenger 

Voicer Messenger is a system that dials out to telephone numbers selected from a provided database or list, plays messages and collects specific information from the audience with various optional features.     » »   Learn more.. 

   Office Telephone System (OTS) 

Complete, cutting-edge office communication system.     » »   Learn more..

   Interactive Voice Response Units (IVR) 

Automated response and menu systems.

Automates interaction with telephone callers using customized pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers. This provides you with the ability to obtain information without the need for an agent. IVR can also transfer calls to appropriate extensions or to a live operator.     » »   Learn more.. 

   Voicetronix ™ Telephony Boards 

We are the Canadian distributor for leading edge Voicetronix boards. » »   Learn more.. .