Software and Web Development

In less than ten years, the technology and internet has exploded from being a playground for a few enthusiasts into becoming the most important source of information for almost all people in the industrial world.

It is so incredibly fast and cost-effective, nowadays.

Investing in a well designed and properly maintained technological imnfrastructure is probably one of the powerfull and most insightful business path you will ever take.

DB Streams enhances client’s productivity with proven business applications and their successful integration. We provide solutions in the development of core business applications across a variety of platforms, such as Windows, SunOS, HP-UX, and Linux to meet any client requirements.

DB Streams’ custom software solutions range broadly from customized software development to web-based applications. Our professionals work closely with our clients to identify their requirements for customized software, and to produce the most effective application solutions, designed to meet individual client needs.

DB Streams’ comprehensive offering includes the following service lines:

  • Customized software development.
  • Design and test software solutions.
  • Enhancement, maintenance and support.
  • Creation of custom packages.
  • Integration of 3rd party applications or services (Paypal, Google Checkout, etc.).