In order to be successful in today’s highly competitive market, DB Streams is cooperating with international and national strategic partners for combining knowledge, excellence and technologies in the development of customized industry quality business solutions.

The advantages of partnering with DB Streams are:

  • Openness
  • Reliability and Experience
  • Technological Vision
  • Customer Care

DB Streams has enjoyed excellent working relationships with our partner organizations. We would like to express our appreciation to those companies, organizations and their staff for the years of cooperation we have experienced.

Listed below are some of our strategic technology partners.

The Business Accelerators is a consulting firm based in Ottawa, Canada specializing in telecom and IP network planning, and web and database applications design. The Business Accelerators provide strategic planning, management consulting, and hands-on implementation assistance to help private and public sector clients succeed in the competitive business environment. The company was founded in 2001 and provides a diversity of skills and expertise, all designed to increase client productivity and visibility in the marketplace.